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  1. Yesterday, I tried the bluetooth metadata function with the google music app. And it is working in combination with my car. Only Poweramp sends "Unknown" to my Car. Perhaps there is a problem with the parsing? Frustrating that the developer is ignoring this... I dont want to use the google app, beauce i can't make the app to continous playin when i connected to my car via bluetooth. Poweramp is able to, but cannot share the Metadata
  2. Thanks for listing the threads! Don´t want to let this one disappear so.. /bump
  3. I have the same problem. Got a new Padfone2 Today and now my car is no longer showing "BT-Stream". Now it is showing "Unknown Track" "Unknown Artist" and as time 00:00. Settings=>Misc=>Tweaks=>Send metachanged Intent Doesn´t help Poweramp FULL 2.0.8-525 Android 4.1.1 Please let me know when I can help you to fix this issue. Thanks
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