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  1. So I did some testing, culprit seems to be VLC player somehow: When switching the VLC "audio output" option from "AudioTrack" to "OpenSL ES", nothing except for a short pause happens, BUT when switching back to "AudioTrack" with VLC enabled in Poweramp "known players", there is no sound at all though the track is still playing. When Poweramp processing is then disabled there is still no sound. Equalizer works only temporarily when 1. selecting "OpenSL ES" output while "known player" processing is disabled, 2. selecting "AudioTrack" as output in VLC and then 3. enabling VLC processing in Poweramp "known players". BUT THIS ONLY WORKS UNTIL THE END OF THE TRACK! Spotify is still fully equalized but VLC has no sound so that you have to go through the procedure above again, for each track!
  2. Equalizer is not working again. VLC and Spotify are both shown and activated in "known players" but not being processed.
  3. It's working now somehow and most players are supported. Though I have to say, the Apps "MusicTube" (used for continued playback of youtube videos even when screen off) and cloud storage "MEGA" are not supported, so I have to use an third party Equalizer for these. Thanks and greetings
  4. Hi, I cannot manage to make Poweramp (without the Poweramp player app) equalizer to work on Android 14 smartphones Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G as well as on Samsung A54 5G. Only volume can be changed by the knob. No other processing is done though i restarted my phone and tried different players. Giving permission for audio player tracking also doesn't help. Greetings
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