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  1. My thoughts on your demands... instant playing: every streaming service (including Spotify, Netfix,...) needs some degree of buffering; it should be kept to the bare minimum though, so it's barely noticeable, but streaming without buffer is not possible no data connection: I don't see how that is technically even possible; if your player is in a different location from your database, there will always be data transfer, which requires a data connection; whether it's an online cloud service or your NAS at home or any other storage which is not the machine you're using... The data must go from the storage to the player somehow, it won't magically appear. content: the idea of integrating cloud storage streaming is that you choose where you keep your content; Poweramp is not responsible for changes Google Drive or dropbox or your own NAS server make... interface: I only use it for music, I have no experience with other media files; but of course the interface should be the same
  2. I have about 900GB of audio files on my pc, synced with Google Drive (my desktop app doesn't allow library storage in the cloud, and it serves as a back-up so I'm fine with that). Doing a random test of 100 albums, I found that a whopping 67 (!) of them were not available on Spotify. I also have playlists on Spotify, where half of the tracks have suddenly become greyed out over the years, with the message "album not available", whil it used to be. Spotify is way too incomplete and unreliable to manage my music. Also: having your own digital copies rather than a streaming platform, makes browsing so much easier. I have 10x more parameters to search with, all able to be combined to narrow the search (with over 100.000 files that's a necessity). Spotify is great if you just want to listen randomly to a pop singer. Not to manage your collection and easily find what you want.
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