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  1. That is not what I am finding. I do not select any output device and so far the EQ settings are staying put with each song.
  2. Thank you., Andre I looked and the eq settings that stuck had the device unchecked and the ones that didn't had my truck selected. Meaning,if I check any of the boxes for the outputs, then it doesn't remember for some reason. So now I hit save/assign, then give it a name and I don't check any boxes (no folder'/song title/output device) and that seems to work. So I think this solves it (knock on wood). I have auto-save on, FWIW. As for the EQ no being additive, I am not sure what that means unless you mean that literally. in my truck, if a song has way too much bass I (like going from Devo to Dr Dre) I have to back out of android auto (like 3 clicks), then select my truck, then go to audio settings, then adjust the bass level, then go back to android auto. Or I can just open the EQ in Poweramp and just slide down the bass frequencies for that song and be done with it. See why is doesn't seem counter productive to me?
  3. Okay, more issues... I have created presets and things seemed to be going well, then not so much. So I name a preset "devo" for a devo song and adjust the EQ and save/assign it. Then I go to the next song that doesn't have a preset and so the preset says devo, which I assume a holdover from the last song (makes sense). I select "rename" and call it "pantera" and adjust the EQ and save/assign. when I get all the way through my folder and I come back to that original devo song, the "devo" preset is no longer there and it is just taking the preset name from the song before it, even though I have already assigned a preset to that devo song. am I missing something? Do I need to re-install the app? are there only so many presets you can have? And I still don't get why you have to give a preset a name, if you are already saving the preset to a particular song. Seems redundant, no? would it be that hard implement a function where the app just remembers the EQ setting for each song? Like literally a toggle "remember eq setting for each song"? I'm asking because I don't know squat about programming but it seems less cumbersome from the user end. if it is not, then I will request it on the request thread. I really am not a dumb person, and I am a pretty quick student when it comes to tech (for the most part). I am having a hard time with this one though. Thank you!
  4. On headphones, there is not need for me to adjust anything. But in my truck, where I do most of my listening and where I have a very good audio system, from android auto, I have to back out like 4-5 times to get to where I can adjust the bass and treble as there is no way to do it from android auto. like the example above, going from Nirvana to Dr Dre just doesn't work unless they both have their own EQ settings. And I have songs from the 80's that are not as polished as more modern stuff. So yeah, I need to adjust things a lot. Honestly, just sitting down and assigning a preset for each song isn't taking me that long.
  5. The app automatically put in "bass and treble" as the preset (or something like that). So every time I was saving a setting for a new song, it was just saving a new preset for ":bass and treble". What do you do for a playlist of various songs in various genres? For example, if I left the the EQ set for one of my more mainstream songs (like Nirvana) and the next song was Dr Dre, the bass would be crazy high.
  6. Thank you, sir. I think my problem is because I was not giving the preset a name; I thought it was just assigned to the song. I will try giving itg a name and report back.
  7. Thank you for the reply. The app does not seem to be working as you describe, but maybe I am missing something. So, to be clear, if I set the EQ for a song and then select Save/Assign and check the box "apply to songs: song", then a week later I play that song, should the EQ automatically adjust to what I had saved the week before? What I am seeing is this: I play a song, adjust the EQ, save it as described above (even though I have "auto sae" checked) and exit the app. If open the app back up and I play a different song and adjust the EQ, and save, whatever song plays next uses the EQ for the previous song, even if the new song had a previous EQ setting saved. Not to beat a dead horse, but I have a folder with a ton of songs and they all need their own EQ settings and even though I adjust them all\ and save, it doesn't really seem like the app is remembering. It is acting more like I have saved the EQ setting for the folder, when I clearly did not. In fact, I just checked and I went through 4-5 songs and checked the EQ for each and they all have the same EQ setting, even though I have adjusted them all differently. Also, on a different note, the shuffle option keeps randomly turning on. Maybe I need to reload the app?
  8. Thank you for the quick reply. So, just to make sure I am clear: if I have auto save on and move one of the equalizer sliders and do nothing else, the app should automatically update the presety for that song (assuming I had already saved an EQ setting for that song. Sorry if this has been answered before. I really did look for quite a while to try and find the answer.
  9. So I get that when you tweak the EQ, you can manually save it for a specific device, and also save it for the particular song or the folder. But it doesn't seem to auto save. For example, I am listening to a new song in a folder of older songs; I pull up the EQ, adjust then I hit save/assign, and select for the song. When that song is over, it goes to the next track, one where I have already assigned the EQ parameters, yet it doesn't pull those up, instead, it uses the setting I just saved for the new song. Am I missing something? Also, if I have auto-save selected, do I have to select save/assign, scroll down and tell it to save for the song or folder? What exactly does auto-save save? Thank you.
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