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  1. Yeah I figured as much... No biggy though. Thanks
  2. Hi andrewilley, thanks for the response.. I have the PA widget on my 'home' screen which automatically loads when the car is switched on, but it doesnt start playing until I physically touch the play button or touch the album art which opens PA proper, then it starts.. hmm Thanks
  3. Hi Maxmp Thanks for the reply.. I thought I read somewhere here that the widget was 'controlled' by the launcher, I'll look into that.. I should have asked this in my initial post, How can I set PA to automatically start playing music as soon as the car turns on? I thought I had set 'Resume on Start' to on, but I might be missing something.. Thanks T
  4. Hi I'd just like to say that Poweramp is hands down the best music app. I'm currently using it on my headunit in the car, but have come across a slight hiccup. Save me sitting in the car for hours, I first do a test run on my tablet in the comfort on my sofa.. I am using Microsoft Launcher (don't be judging) 😁 Both the head unit and the tablet are using the exact same versions of PA and ML, but the widget long press menu is different. The one in the car shows 2 options, Remove and Padding, the one on the tablet shows Remove, Padding and Settings. Settings take you to the initial widget screen where you can customize the widget without having to remove it and start afresh each time. Is this a PA, ML or a me issue..? Can the Playlist widget be made a little bigger? Thank you!
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