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  1. Good to hear, although that post is from Oct 2011. When do you plan to release this feature? Do understand that I like this app a lot. I have a 32GB SD card full of music and use this app daily. I have paid for the pro version, and well worth it. Regards, cjn
  2. Lets get serious here folks. Virtually every credible Android app has a backup and restore solution, either using the Google account, an app-specific online account or save/restore to a local SD card. Poweramp does not. After spending months tagging ratings on songs, updating album art in some cases, dialing in equalizer settings, didding the many many settings within the app, don't even think about resetting the device to factory default or replacing it. All your personalizations are gone. (I don't use Titanium backup - I don't root my phone.) So either don't bother with using ratings or loading album art since all of your work is throwaway. Typically you don't get to find that out until you try to restore your device, then it’s a slap in the face. Now, on the hand, the developers could chose to solve the problem that they claim is difficult. I've developed enough software over the years to truly believe that a robust solution could be made. Perhaps its just priorities. I think it’s a basic, fundamental feature that every credible app should have. This is a serious gap.
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