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  1. PA's Settings > Misc > Now Playing List For Connected Devices/Apps when turned on solves the problem - PA's meta data is now properly displayed on the RAM head unit. Here's what's weird: If I toggle this setting on and then off again the problem stays resolved until the next reboot. I found this by trying to make the problem repeatable, but once "fixed" by toggling this switch on it stated fixed regardless of the switch setting, until I rebooted. So what does this switch do, and does it make sense that it solves the metadata display problem until the next reboot (if turned on then off again). Also, is there any side effects that I should be on the lookout for? Why might I not want this switch on? Other suggestions from above: Try YouTube Music - Displays metadata properly. Re-pair the BT connection - Did not try this PA Settings > Misc > Metachanged intent - Did not try this, based on above "doesn't do anything" on later Android versions Thanks much @andrewilley and @maxmp !
  2. version build-893-arm64-play 2017 RAM with Uconnect 8.4 NAV head unit - SW version 17.51.21 (1 newer rev available that only has GPS fixes, per FCA) OnePlus 6T with OOS 10.3.9 (Android version 10) All other audio playing apps display correctly (TuneIn, RadioParadise, Podcast Republic, Plex, Spotify). Tried AIMP to see if it was my local media files themselves - Info displays correctly with AIMP. I have owned the truck for 1 year, and only "Unknown" artist/album has been displayed over various OOS 10 and Poweramp versions (back to at least build 871). Poweramp fresh installs, library rescans, cache deletes, etc have not changed the "Unknown" problem. Poweramp has always displayed the info correctly on my Pioneer AVH-X391BHS head unit in another vehicle. The attached images are from AIMP (the good display) and Poweramp (the failed data display). Why is this hard? I'd be happy to support some debug and beta testing.
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