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  1. I've seen the playerpro music player today, and the "vignette"(don't know the translation in english) is very plaisant. It show something like a little more than 4 big album art, scrollable, with text on it. Very beautiful. have a look: http://i64.servimg.com/u/f64/13/84/98/84/music_11.jpg
  2. Well, I'm totaly alone here... I still think this is a waste of time: one click on the widget, one long click one the title screen/option button, one click one list-floder button.. zZzzzzZzzZzz
  3. Mmm, you're right, I play folders without entering in the list song, i press the "option button" on the right of the folder in the folder list, so that must be the same as long press. But I use flat mode only. So if I had understood this kinda technical discussion for a non native-born speaker, this will probably be solved by an option in the next update? That would be just fine !!
  4. Using folders, each times I play a new folder, the repeat mode activate the "advance list option". That means at the end of the last song of the folder, the next folder is played. So I put the repeat mode to "no repeat", but it always comes back when I start playing a new folder. In the previous version, this was a separate option from repeat, and have to be check or uncheck from the menu, and that was, to my opinion, much better.
  5. I think this is not the problem. I'll write a new post, title " how to desactive "advance list - jump to next list by defaut"
  6. Hi, I've already check the last.fm app's options and found nothing. I've just re-check, update the app and still find nothing... Where is this option please?
  7. It's cool that the last fm scrobbling option had been implemented. But using wireless every track use battery a lot. Plus, I'm using an app that switch connection on & off (green power), resulting in non scrobbling at all. So if I could like "stock" scrobbling data offline and send them to last fm every configured interval of time, when connection is on, that will be terrific!
  8. +1 for widget, I don't use lockscreen at all.
  9. Just that, and the app will be perfect for me. For example, I would like to configure that the cover shown in large widget, if cliked open the app directly in my list view (folder if I'm in folder, or album, artist...). Answer if you agree!
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