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  1. Hi Andre, My DVC is set "ON". Actually what is this DVC means for? I read all articles and I still do not really understand. I have both Poweramp in my Android Phone & Android Car Head Unit. In my car head unit, the media master output volume always back to 100% when startup, all volume control using steering wheel button and screen. It seems like my OS master volume is set at 100%, even if i change to 80%, it will go back to 100% if i restart my car and head unit. In contrast, my android phone master volume will remember my last set volume. This is why it confused me. Possible the OS factory setting in that way?
  2. Hi Andre, I mean when i am inside Poweramp, if i lower down the volume knob to says 38% (2nd tab inside Poweramp). Later, after i shut down my Poweramp and car, the next time i start my car, switch on my head unit, open Poweramp, that particular volume knob will resume back to 100% (not my last set at 80%). It is weird, this make me very difficult to tune my Poweramp.
  3. Hi guys, Even i saved my EQ and Volume Settings (i adjusted the volume to 80%) in the player. Every time i start my car, open Poweramp Player, the Poweramp volume will goes back to 100%. But the EQ setting saved per my adjustment no issue. I have tried resave it few times, it always return to 100% when i switch off my car. Any idea why and what would be the solution?
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