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  1. Understood. Philosophical matters aside, Poweramp is a great audio player for Android (and no-doubt other platforms) with premium features that appeal convenience-users and audiophiles alike. I prefer the interface and functionality of Poweramp to two of it's closest competitors installed on my phone (at roughly the same cost for full-featured versions). Yet both of those apps proport to transmit audio via Wi-Fi per AA system design standards. Importantly, a few friends and family members (non-audiophiles all) have distinguished a sound quality difference between BT and wideband audio when staged through my 2018 run-of the mill Kia AV system. Evaluations were conducted in a powered-up but non-moving vehicle, admittedly, but they were legitimately blind A-B comparisons (audio transmission method was not revealed beforehand). In the end, I believe Poweramp may actually BE capable of fully exploiting AAWireless. Why? There is a noticeable difference in sound quality when I switch headunit modes between AA and BT (DSP and volume settings normalized). Additionally, an XDA developer suggests all data presented to the USB port (with or without the AA wireless dongle) looks exactly the same to the A/V headunit. If that's true, Poweramp audio routing information could be improved for greater accuracy - the gist of my original inquiry. Either way, operational details shouldn't remain a mystery...
  2. Hello MotleyG, Your reply is sincerely appreciated. I agree both wired AA and AAWireless require Bluetooth to work. It's also acknowledged that internet is not the most reliable source of intel, though I do find developer sites mostly trustworthy. Not sure if the moderator accepts reference links, so may I suggest the following for your search engine: "How does wireless Android Auto work, if not through Bluetooth?" (will take you directly to one of many articles on the subject). It's possible I may be misinterpreting the information, and I'll be grateful for any corrective guidance from fellow truth seekers. Thanks...
  3. Hello George73, I share a similar concern though I haven't seen a reply to my inquiry. In my case (using AAWireless), I see the same Bluetooth output per your attached audio-info image, though I anticipated seeing "speaker" or some other indicator. My research suggests USB audio via AAWireless is supposed to stream via 5G wifi, relegating only incoming phone calls to BT (as it does with other AA apps on my phone). If it helps, I found the following posted on this website: "@andrewilley on Android, the info about "audio routing" we can collect is completely detached from the actual output device. In part this is due to the fact that there is no single output device. The audio stream may be routed to any number of devices connected to the phone. Sometimes system is not aware of the output device at all - e.g. on some MIUI firmwares system may think it plays via bluetooth, but actually it's a speaker." Apologies to the moderator if I've quoted this statement out of context. I trust the moderator will shed some light on our respective situations. Thanks...
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