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  1. I haven't installed it actually, but twill try it. I message you back, if I know more. Currently no other app send the cover. I tried Vinyl Audio Player, Media Monkey Pro, Phonograph, Oto Music, Samsung Music, Music Player Go and some other from F-droid I didn't remember yet. Mostly I try to avoid Play Store.
  2. I have tried your tips. But without success. My current car does not support Android Auto. I had last week a newer car with Android Auto. There it works, but not with my car, which only supports Bluetooth. Unfortunately, I don't have a idea which protocol or AVRCP variant is used or any other details. But maybe it's a Android issue.
  3. If I connect the phone via Bluetooth to my car stereo (BMW, if that matters), the album cover is not send to the car stereo display. However the same song played from a iPhone send the cover correctly to the car stereo display via Bluetooth. Is there anything I can do to have the same with Android? Im using a Samsung Galaxy S23+.
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