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  1. Hello. I want to say I found an option to fix the problem. If I put my Playlists into device and make a rescan, the files are failed. If I go into Libray to playlists and import the databased Playlists the songs are correct. Thank you.
  2. All files with the specual symbols move incorrectly. Its about 200 songs what can I do? Another format? Like .wpl? Is it better for symbols? Another chance isnt there in windows media olayer and i dont want to make some new playlists. It costs so much time.
  3. Thank you. Do you know as which playlist file I have to save the playlist in windows media player so the unicode is correct or is there no way in windows media player? I think there are only two options. .m3u and .wpl. is .wpl modern and could be read by the Poweramp player?
  4. Okay I think it should be gmail and not gmal so now I could send you an email.
  5. I tried a fullscan but it don't work. It is the same problem. I made playlists in windows media player as a .m3u file. The songs are in different binders. All files without symbols like "&" èé etc. Are working. Only this files can not be played. The songs are actually on my phone. What do you mean with the playing mode? I actually play the songs from the playlist. Now I tried to search the song in Poweramp and it works. Thats crazy. Only from my playlist it doesn't work. So I think there is the problem. How it can be fixed? Is .m3u the problem? I don't want to create new playlists in Poweramp. It would be nice to take my playlists from my pc like I did it before.
  6. The is standing the file can not be played and the symbol would be á and now the is standing a "?" As you can see down in the picture.
  7. Yeah this is acutally my problem. My Poweramp don't recognize this symbols and the song is not hoing to be played and it starts with the next one. What can I do? Further I didn't have the problem but since 1 year I have this problem? Is the a file to download with a symbol package or something else? I installed it a few times again... nothing helps. But earlier all songs were played.
  8. Hello, my music cannnot be played. A few years ago I didn't have the problem but now it is everytime. If a song has a symbol like "è" oder "é" or "&" the song can not be played cause Poweramp don't acvept symbols like accent etc. How can i fix the issue? This is a horrible mistake. I don't need a tip like download the app again, the unlocker, newest version etc... nothing will help... this is poor for a music player...
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