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  1. That's great, but if I set or change a rating in the player, will it update the rating tag in the file itself? That's hugely important to me.
  2. Oh, now that's very interesting indeed. I tend to use Bluetooth devices, and I just got a Jambox. Having a custom EQ setting would make me more likely to use the EQ since it won't affect the output of my SE MW600 headset. Nice!
  3. That depends. If you are using the setting in media to persist the ratings in the files, then they should be read by other applications that use them. iTunes is probably the worst offender as they don't store the ratings in the files either (or at least they didn't when I rated them with both my iPods a few years ago). You can also get small utilities to sync ratings from major applications to the files themselves, that way you can see them. I use MusicBee to play, rate, and manage my music and sync from it to my phone. Once this app starts recognizing ratings in the files, it will be the first end-to-end system that lets me using ratings in the way I like (unlike Apple and Windows Media Player). I know there's another music player on the market that will read and use ratings, but I'm going to stick with Poweramp to see how it goes.
  4. I used the lock screen widget on my myTouch 4G, and it was fine, so I imagine it will work fine on the G2 as well.
  5. I have the G2 and the myTouch 4G, and it works great on both. My only "issues" are with the app itself (no master queue or rating support), and have nothing to do with the hardware.
  6. A queue? Nice. I think I can stop searching then.
  7. On the playlist thing, I use MusicBee and you can adjust all kinds of parameters for synchronization. I have a "music" folder with a "playlists" folder inside it, yet for other systems (like the USB key in my Mustang) I sync all the playlists to the root of the drive.
  8. You guys might want to vote in here then: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=126
  9. Is this the same as my request? He responded to it at the bottom. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15&p=15#p15
  10. Hopefully this would be an option, as I prefer to keep mine visible at all time due to constant switching. I don't spend much time looking directly *at* the music playing app, so hiding the bar would be more of an annoyance.
  11. +1 That would be pretty cool if it were worked in.
  12. What an immature and pathetic display of emotion. You registered just to post a rant about something that isn't the fault of the author/developer? How sad.
  13. Oh...I didn't notice this, as I'm sure others haven't, but what you mentioned does make more sense. What I did was go to Artist, albums of artist, pick a track to start. Then I click back and it shows me the tracks off of the *current* album with "Albums" being listed at the top. Click on the arrow, and you get dumped to the total albums list, with the current album in the middle of the screen. Interesting "bug," unless it was designed to do this.
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