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  1. I installed an app called apk installer and i see a package called com.maxmpz.audioplayer but im not able to uninstall it and it says that the package is 0 bytes
  2. @maxmp i didnt install Poweramp from huawei appgalery but how do i fix the conflict between the packages
  3. Now i tried installing from the original apk ive had and now its says that
  4. When i try installing from the play store it does that error
  5. I installed Poweramp from the apk on there website worked well and i had an update that updated my phone from android 11 to 12 after the update i wasnt able to launch the app so i unistalled it and try to reinstall from google play and from there website but that keep saying that another uncompatible version is already installed on another user and i already tried using sd maid to "find corpse of the app" (My phone is the samsung a32 5g)
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