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  1. @flyingdutchman Here is a TaskerNet profile users can import directly into Tasker with the following functionality (assuming the directories is Music Playlist Manager are set correctly): -Automatically runs the popm2pa intent at 2:30 AM every day. -Intent for pa2popm is ready to use, but is not set to run automatically (since this presently results in data loss for half-star ratings)
  2. To summarize in one place, since the rating in PA is stored as an integer (assuming 0-5 rather than 0-255), and id3 and other tag rating info seems to be stored as a 0-255 byte, any half star ratings will be lost upon rating conversion to PA via Music Playlist Manager app. In essence, this means that while synchronizing ratings to PA is safe (if lossy), synchronizing ratings back out will result in a permanent loss of all half star rating data. We are assuming the rating integer in PA is stored as a value from 0-5, but it's possible that the rating could actually 0-255 and math converts the value to a 0-5 at the UI stage. This would at least preserve ratings when exporting PA formatted ratings. And while we are at it... it would be great to include functionality for half star ratings in PA too! @flyingdutchman I'm using tasker intents with the New Music Playlist app to get ratings in PA format in an automated way (COOL!). Really great work on that by the way. Also, @andrewilley, I'm impressed by how friendly and helpful you are in these forums -- I wish my forums had people like you! Any chance you want to join a math teacher forum? =D
  3. The inability to display and assign half star ratings is my biggest issue with PA right now. The ID3 tag standard fpr POPM stores rating data as a byte value from 1-255, so when the rating is scanned in there is already some simple conversion going on to get to a star rating value. I imagine that the hardest part of coding that would be adding in half-star UI functions and some error handling for when things get messy (ie, default to POMP rating value=0 if something goes wrong). I have a bunch of songs with half-star ratings (they mean different things in different genres for me), and even with some extra love from theflyingdutchman with music playlist manager, I can't really get a true sync of my music library to android because ratings are rounded to the nearest value.
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