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  1. Hi @andrewilley, Thank you for the suggestion about clearing the application data - it's so simple and effective I had not even thought of that. When in doubt, nuke it from orbit !
  2. Version Info ====================== Build: Poweramp build-925-bundle-play full verified cached Store: Play Unlocker: build-302 Arch: 32 Skin: ActivityTheme_Black Device: motorola moto g(6) msm8953 ali_n ali_n [armeabi-v7a, armeabi] Installer: com.android.vending (29.7.17-21 [0] [PR] 434919747) Android: 9 motorola/ali_n/ali_n:9/PPSS29.55-37-7-10/c25e:user/release-keys en_GB I have recently replaced the microSD card on my phone and allowed the Play store to upgrade Poweramp. At some point the following has occurred and I cannot figure out how to resolve it. Screenshot Here you can see that Poweramp has remembered that the card has been changed a few times and is correctly showing them as being unavailable. There is a "X" next to the old entries and tapping on that results in the message: ... and the option to "Cancel" or "Remove". Clicking on "Remove" has no effect - I cannot get Poweramp to remove these entries. Poweramp is using the new card as expected having enabled access to it so this is not stopping me from using the app, but I would like to remove the references to the old microSD cards. They expired so I cannot reinsert them into the phone but if I am understanding this correctly I should just be able to click on the "X" and have them removed. Can you please advise ?
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