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  1. Hi i've been reading recent posts about integrating spotify and google play into Poweramp...i just want to add deezer to the list..it's practically the same as spotify but it's more available in europe (i.e croatia...) Thanx for this great player and keep up the good work Franky
  2. Hi there.... I've bought the program and i'm very happy about it...music players were mostly the weakest links om most mp3 players or cells, but your program made it a very strong one... But i do have a request which will make this a full featured player for me, since most of the computer player have this and i find it a crucial feature... Support for the cue files so the player when it recognizes it should be able to read it like a playlist file or a library entry...a must have feature if you don't like those skips on sliced mp3 mixed albums, but instead use a single file with a cue list...and it would be fantastic if it would support all the formats.... Thanx for hearing me out F
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