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  1. I second BluSmoke's opinion. I just registered solely to say that I would love to have Poweramp for windows. I miss having a synchronisation possibility with playlists and starred songs. I would prefer to keep my music-library in dropbox and then have the playlists and starred available both on my computers and my smart-phone. It annoyed me that I lost all my playlists and the list of over a 1000 starred songs when i changed my phone. To claim that there isn't a market for this and that Poweramp should just be used for android is just bull-shit. Nowadays people are expecting that the possibility of synchronisation naturally because many of the competitors offer it, and it is a feature people want. If you make a desktop version for windows, you can be sure you will get more people to use it on droids and iphones as well. I have the purchased version for droid and I love it! Give me more!!
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