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  1. Hi there, I have an HTC One X branded by the German Telekom released for the German market. I am running Poweramp 2.0.7 build 515 full version and I have purchased and installed the unlocker. Since I've uploaded approx. 500 music files to the SD card of my HTC One X the Poweramp App doesn't work properly anymore: In 80 % of the attempts the app tries to playback a file with no result but says "Too many files failed. Playback will be stopped now" (translated from German into English :-)). Most confusing: There are some music files (20 %) that work properly. There is no "problem pattern" visible because all files are located in exactly the same folder on the SD card I have already updated the folders list and searched for new locations on my SD card - even with the intensive search of Poweramp that included all tags and stuff. But still does not work ... Is there anyboby out there who can help me with this wierd thing, please?!?!? Thanks so much
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