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  1. 2.5 years later, same issue for me. Poweramp doesn't find the playlists. Finds songs just fine. Songs are stored in folder 'musics' on SD card and playlists are stored in folder 'playlists' on SD card. I know... that's really strange to do it that way. LOL.
  2. I'm synching my music using Media Monkey. Due to unreliability synching through USB I just pull my SD card and synch to that - it's faster anyway. Songs synch fine and Poweramp picks up the new songs in a rescan. However, even though I see MM synching the playlists and they are on the SD card, they don't show up in Poweramp unless you do an Import System Playlists. So the "system" is finding the playlists just fine. Problem with that is each time I do that, instead of overwriting the existing playlists it creates a duplicate set (with 1... added to the playlist name.) Any ideas how to better
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