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  1. It's ok. Worked it out. It was a broken link in a library on the phone. Did a re install of the app and all is ok. Thank you all for your feedback. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Sorted. Did a full re install of the app. Must have been a broken library.
  3. Yep. Already reset the Chromecast and put it back into the network as I thought that might be the problem.
  4. Well the whole issue of using PA was because Sony music player stopped playing files to Chromecast. I then only this week took away the Chromecast and replaced it with the tibo bond 3. This had a LAN connection and could play local files from the USB on the back. It was a massive disappointment so that's going back. Now I have put the Chromecast back it's not playing back. 🙄
  5. The network and device are fine as I get sound with Google podcasts and the Sony music player. I have looked at all the settings within the app regarding Chromecast. Nothing has changed.
  6. Yes it connects and it shows its playing on the phone screen. It's a Sony Xperia 10 ii running Android 11. It's been working no problem but now it gives the connect noise but when you play a file it shows it on the screen playing but no sound. It's the Chromecast audio disc like in the picture (I tried swapping it out for a tibo bond 3 but should not have bothered. A load of rubbish. So reverted back to the Chromecast)
  7. For some reason the app has stopped working with my Chromecast audio device. Anyone had this issue? Any fixes?
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