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  1. ok, it seems to be working now. The validation error was due to a failed e-credit card transaction. I made another payment right after the first one went wrong, but it was not taken into account by Poweramp until google wallet effectively cancelled the first failed transaction.
  2. +1 to that itsratso...sadly enough... -sigh- Looks like a bummer to me. Still wondering whether the thing is just gonna plain stop working offline after a while, although I - ahem - paid for it. Thing is: I'm generally willing to take some time trying to sort things out, software-wise, but having to spend days trying to fix a licensing issue for a media player (however good) is nonesensical. Reminds me when I bought Steinberg Cubase5 years ago and the dongle never worked. Had to use the cracked version and it ran fine... I really wish to support devs' work but you're not helping
  3. Hi, I'm still struggling with this 'failed to verify licence' notice which is giving me a hard time! Reinstalled PA trial+unlocker from play store from the one and only google account I have (wiped play store cache and data beforehand). Following the instructions, I left wifi, auto-sync and background data on for more than 24hrs. Guess what, I soon as I turned these off, Poweramp proudly gave the 'failed to verify' notice back. What about a automated notification saying 'your license is validated' once and for all? Will this software ever going to get a definitive validation without having
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