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  1. Thanks for the advice, hopefully it works! Update: Reinstalling didnt work but erased all my settings so I restored my old version using titanium backup. After installing backup, the back button actually worked as it should for a while.I think this is because I had the start screen set to library. I dont understand what the point of setting the start screen is, whenever I start Poweramp it goes to the player and shows the last song that was playing. Even if I stop the service using a task killer. So it never actually starts to the start screen. I think this may be the root of the back button p
  2. Thank you for the quick response. The back button returns me to the last screen in all other cases except in the player. For example if I choose a song from the library it opens the player and starts playing like it should, however if I then pres back it goes to the home screen and not the library where I last was. This is the issue for me. It should return back to the library but instead it goes to the home screen.
  3. By far the biggest issue I have with the back button is that in the player it returns you to the homescreen intstead of the library. This is very annoying and counter intuitive in my opinion. The home button already does the same thing! Could you implement options to control the back button behavior or at least make it not return you to the homescreen and to the library or wherever you last where instead. Thank you!
  4. Is it possible for Poweramp to automatically change the equalizer setting if headphones are connected. I use the phone speaker (loud) preset normally which doesn't have much bass and its a hassle to switch the equalizer every time I use headphones. This would be a wonderful feature, but I understand if the sdk doesn't allow this. Thank you in advance!
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