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  1. That is, if I make a pre amp change or eq setting, as soon as the next song plays, it resets to default. Is there a switch to make your settings stick? Or is this the way it is built? I use Poweramp with bluetooth sunglasses that have a good sound but not a lot of volume, so I turn up the preamp and problem solved. However, as soon the next song plays I have to stop running, pull out my phone and turn the pre amp back up, if I want that extra volume. I couldn't find any setting for this. If there isn't then consider this an important feature request. I like this app, I'd like to continue to use it.
  2. I have one more feature request if you don't mind me asking. I use the Balance control, depending on where I am in my room. But these round knobs are difficult to twiddle. I would love an option to change all of these to sliders. I mean, for Balance its perfect; [-------------I ----^-------] you can see where you are in relation to the centerline but because it's a line, it's easier to grab the marker and move along the line with it. As an option, people can choose for themselves what works best, round or horizontal sliders. Thanks for listening.
  3. That would be great! Mostly interested in file path and losing scroll for long titles. Maybe a settings button, just like there is a Chromecast button (really like having Chromecast BTW!)
  4. Well, this is the most option-filled app imaginable, so this shouldn't be hard to add two more. I can't be sure what phone operations cause the hierarchy shuffle set being lost but I believe phone calls or even checking visual voicemail seems to do it. By the way, an option to NEVER show cover art would be my preference with the screen reserved for useful stuff. There's no need for logos, pictures, animations, etc., it's just a phone screen, it's not that big. I want the screen just populated with useful stuff. Also, I don't think it's that special of a case. Anyone who has a large collection doesn't know everything in it, particularly jazz, it's hard to always be able to pick out where it's coming from, but they store everything in folders logically (artist/album, etc) and so the flip out the phone and see the file path instantly is desirable. Also, the scroll thing, I prefer to see the whole thing on multiple lines rather than wait for a scroll.
  5. Okay, got it, however, I'm still not sure about why pausing PA and using the smartphone results in a reversion to whole-library shuffle. I always have to do the whole hierarchical move-through-the-folders routine and start over. But, what about the odds of getting the file path out on the main playing screen without the extra two key clicks; and, an option to opt out of title/artist scrolling to accommodate however many lines are needed to display long titles?
  6. Okay, if I understand this correctly Settings > Library > Lists > Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy will allow random selection among subfolders, including parent folder. Unselecting this setting will more or less do the same thing except that it will work one folder at a time, randomly selecting songs from that folder. What's the deal with the double arrow and triple arrow? The double arrow will keep within folder selection, and its subfolders, but the triple arrow will after a few clicks revert to the whole library. Whenever I leave PA to do other things with the phone, I'm not sure if all things cause this, but when I come back after a song or three, or if I hit the double arrow a few times, it leaves my folder selection and starts picking from the entire library. It happens constantly, I'm alway resetting back to the folder I want after pausing to do something else with the phone.
  7. It's extremely tiny and it doesn't show the whole path, it's cut off. Yeah, I use this as a folder player. I really need to see the path and there is so much unused screen real estate, how hard would it be to make this an option? I mean this is the most option and feature packed player that there probably is, yet this usability is what I really want. While we're here, unless I'm not understanding this properly, whenever I select Folder Hierarchy, and say select an artist; when I long press the Shuffle button and select Shuffle Songs, it works as expected. The double arrow button plays songs randomly inside this master folder (that is Artist as parent folder and Album as subfolder); the triple arrow seems to do the same. However, whenever I pause to attend to a phone call or other smart phone distraction and come back to Poweramp, the double arrow seems to retain the Shuffle Songs setting (that is, it plays songs randomly from within the selected folder) however, the triple arrow now jumps around to other folders outside of my selection. Or, if left to play by itself it now goes outside of my original selection. E.G. I select Beatles, and then Shuffle Songs. The phone rings and Poweramp is paused. Then when I go back to playing, it's now randomly playing from my entire collection. Is this a bug?
  8. You can show "folder details" in the "metadata line"? First, I'm not sure what the metadata line is referring to or how turn on "folder details". But what I want is to see the file path on the main screen. I'll tell you why, many of my tags are crappy for my collection. But, moreso, I have a large collection of my band's music. When something pops up randomly I'd like to see the folder details that show my organization pattern: that is, YEAR/GIG/ For my ordinary collection, when something pops up on random play, I'd like to know who and what it is, but frequently all I get is "unknown artist." Really, I'd like to see file path because how else am I going to know when the song was recorded and where, if there are no tags. As for it being in my pocket, yeah, it will be there until, as I say, I wonder about the origin of the recording, then I have to pull it out and, in this case, there IS no cover. It's my band's recording. So, now I have to go two clicks to get that file path info. With so many options, why not have this very practical option. Also, I'd prefer to eliminate the scroll, that's a pain in the ass. Just use as many lines as required. There's plenty of screen real estate. And, as I said, I don't give about a silly cover, I want usability.
  9. Is there a way to display info/tag instead of the cover? I have all my music in folder hierarchies and when I want to know what the info is on a song I have to select the three dots and then Info/Tags and there is the info that I want. I mean, the phone's in my pocket most of the time and all that screen real estate is just sitting there wasted. I pull the phone out and I have to do these extra button hits to see what I want. What I don't care about is the cover. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Did I mention the phone is in my pocket and I've likely seen the cover? Why on Earth would I want to see the cover. Again. If for some bizarre reason someone wanted to view that cover, sure, make it one more option. Yet, I can't seem to figure out how to put the Info/Tag screen there instead. I suspect I can't. Yet. Please fix this. And thanks for a truly remarkable app!
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