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  1. Everything back to normal since 5 minutes ago, here. Both PA and Simple Scrobbler got an update, so I can't say what happened.
  2. Poweramp has flawlessly scrobbled through my Simple Last.fm App for years now, on various Nexus and Pixel devices I owned, but has somehow ceased a month ago. Simple Scrobbler hasn't been updated since 2019, and last Android patch on my device was 5 dec 2021. Scrobbling went fine for another solid 10 days since the latter. The scrobbler app has a "scrobbles cache" in which you can see every item as received from the music app: my cache is empty as of 14 dec 2021. Luckily when I inspected for the issue, my cache had a single unscrobbled song left, so I could try a manual scrobbling which went fine on both Last.fm and Libre.fm. build-918-bundle-play [918004-d3232d2] Full 64 bit on Google Pixel 3a running Android 12 stock (SQ1A.211205.008)
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