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  1. Coming to think about it, it would be pretty neat, and useful. I request Poweramp author to please come and comment here if he would support this feature and when.
  2. I also have GSII Epic, and this feature is plain awesome. I also would like to add request for this feature.
  3. There are always songs which have multiple artists, and similarly one song can have elements of multiple genre. MediaMonkey on my PC does a nice job of supporting these multiple tags by separating the tags by a semicolon, and syncs them to my GS2 as such as well. Android's default player, as well the my GS2 player, and all other major players don't have support for these multiple tags. So what happens is that I end up getting, as an example, three different artists - "Shaggy", "Akon" and "Shaggy;Akon". Since there is no single artist by name "Shaggy;Akon", it doesnt get a picture and music lib
  4. +1 on this feature request. Even if the playlists are live, it still would require user to maintain a currently playing playlist. Please give us a "Now Playing" playlist and a long-tap on list item will give us option to either add to a playlist or Now-Playing along with other options. I believe it is more natural way of playing music for users also.
  5. Currently it is too easy to press in its button form. If you make it something where user has to swipe to unlock, it will make it safer.
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