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  1. ramenchef, Thanks for that explanation. I had never quite understood how the process works. It appears that Google Music (GM) isn't in any rush to release the API. I haven't looked around yet, but are there any other players that have had an API released by GM for their app? My guesstimate is we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for GM to release an API for PA. This is certainly not a knock on PA because PA is a very good app for what it does do, but unfortunately it just doesn't have the ability to play GM nor does it appear it will any time soon. Again, not a knock on PA, it just is what it is...
  2. Please Max, would you let us know about the realistic ability of Poweramp recognizing (the way it does other formats) Google Play music in the future? Is this truly realistic, or just "wishful thinking"? Due to the time that has lapsed since people started inquiring about it, it has the appearance as though you're just like the rest of us and are just "hoping" it will come about. If Google just keeps on refusing to you the rights (or whatever) for you to do so and they won't budge in their stance, just be upfront about it and let us all know. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I haven't used PA for about 2 months now. Used to tell folks about PA and encourage them to look into. Now, I'm just discouraging anyone till this "Google" thing is worked out.
  4. So Google Music support, it's not a matter of if, just a matter of time?
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