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  1. Thanks Maxmpz, When is version 2.0 being released?
  2. Any news on this? I'd love to buy this music player, but won't if it the widget doesn't match my phone's current theme. Sounds silly probably, but this player sticks out like a sore thumb when all of my other widgets are a single color that's not this widgets color. Worst case I guess I can crack the APK, update all the image files and deodex and resign the APK..........
  3. In the widget, It would be really cool to switch between album art and the built-in visualizations like the stock android player does. More visualizations would be cool too, like an old school EQ, showing the 100Hz, 1000Hz bands jumping up and down, or an Oscilloscope showing the wave pattern...
  4. All of my widgets use white buttons. It would be really nice to change the button color to match, instead of the bluish color now.
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