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Build 821:

  • Chromecast support
    *Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC
    • 16/24bit, 48/96kHz PCM streaming
      96kHz is currently broken in Chromecast Audio firmware and is not recommended due to the dropouts
    • gapless
    • Chromecast Hub touch controls / TV remote controls are supported
    • Chromecast Assistant commands are supported
      For devices with mic.
      Commands like play/pause/stop/next/previous/repeat/shuffle/seek (depends on device language and region)
    • additional track meta info is shown in Chromecast TV/Hub UI
    • Chromecast info in Audio Info dialog
    • some Fading options are disabled for Chromecast
      Auto-advance Crossfade is supported
    • Chromecast output ignores Audio Focus (notification sounds/ringtone/etc.) by default
      Audio Focus can be enabled via Ignore Audio Focus option
    • Equ/Tone is supported, but disabled by default
      Can be reenabled in Chromecast Output settings
    • DVC is not supported
      If you want to ramp bass up, disable No Headroom Gain option for Chromecast output/tweak the Preamp
    • new Look and Feel / Player UI / Chromecast Button option
      Chromecast button is shown on Main Screen, but can be added or moved to the main menu (default for Alternative Layout and 3rd party skins), or completely hidden
    • new Audio / Output / Chromecast Output options
  • Playlists and Folders now can be optionally set to keep per list position and/or per track progress
    • use List Options via Playlist/Folder header menu
    • Per Track Progress overrides Store/Restore Per Track Progress option
    • List Position is restored when the list is started via header Play button or by category navigation buttons <<< >>>
  • new Ignore Video Tracks option
  • new Remove Notification on Disconnection option
  • gapless/replay gain support for .mpc (musepack)
  • album art for playlist shortcut icons
  • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
  • bug fixes and stability improvements


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