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      Poweramp v3 - Next Beta Release Planned for April 2018   03/14/2018

      As you may be aware, the Poweramp developer has been working hard on an updated material design user interface for Poweramp v3 which required a full ground-up rebuild of the code and is taking some time to get to a beta-test stage. See the forum thread for more details and to discuss, but it is currently hoped that the next Beta Test release will be ready for April 2018.    


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  1. Hi! I had a Sennheiser earphones (mx170) which always worked perfectly. When I bought Poweramp and began listening music only with the app, my earphones started to become noisy in their bass. Well, I never thought that the problem was in the player so I went to the shop where I bought the earphones and they gave me a new ones. After some time the same problem appeared and I started suspecting the Poweramp. One friend of mine lent me his earphones (they are equal to mine) and I tested only listening to music with the Google stock player. 2 weeks passed and no problem at all. I forgot to mention but I also have the stock earphones by Samsung (I don't like them because they are vacuum earphones) and they never had problems with Poweramp. Now that I know the problem is in the player, I also want to be informed about which earphones should I buy (not too expensive please). Preferentially ones that you testes or owned or still own and have good bass for rock music and the most important thing, are perfectly compatible with Poweramp. Srlsy I can't listen to music from other players anymore. Thanks in advance