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  1. I want to use the All Artist Songs option but the sorting isn't quite right for me. I want the most recent album on the top and the tracks of the albums to be in order by track number.

    • Sorting by album and reversing it reverses the track order in the individual albums as well.

    • Sorting by year sorts the tracks in the individual albums by name.

    • Sorting by track # doesn't care about albums.

    Could you add an option to select a secondary sorting option or something of the likes?

    I found the album artist option which is the thing I need but some of the albums don't have the album artist set and are under the unknown artist category and I don't want to set them track-by-track. Maybe could you add an option to set it for the whole album?


    I'm on Android Oreo, v3-build-815-play (Full Version)

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