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  1. On 10/11/2018 at 9:33 AM, andrewilley said:

    In the EQ, make sure the Limiter is enabled. Also, if you tend to boost your bass levels, you might want to turn down the pre-amp gain first.

    If your device supports high-res audio, try that too as it generally has more headroom.


    I turned down the preamp and it worked but the strange part is that I kept all the settings the same throughout all the updates and only now when I updated to 799 the bass became distorted.

    The limiter was enabled already. Thank you for the help

    • Phone: OnePlus 3T
    • Build: 799 Beta
    • Headphones: JBL T450BT
    • Android version: Android 8.0
    • Settings: Default, it was a new download.
    • Root: Yes

    I am having this one problem with the bass being extra distorted. But When I disable the tone feature on the equalizer menu it becomes normal again. I hope this gets fixed soon because it is very hard to listen to songs normally with such distorted bass. Im downgrading to the normal version for now. I Also tested this with another phone and another pair of headphones and the same problem occurred so it must be the apps fault.

    Thank you for any help given.

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