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  1. I just updated my Poweramp v3 to the latest version and i realized that in this new uptate song tags like song name and album is written and displayed at down left of the album art cover while playing the song and unfortunately it  really ruins the beauty of the albumart!

    I wish it was possible that there was an option in the setting menue to remove the displayement of song tags from down left of the albumart in the new default skin  introduced at the latest update of Poweramp(there is an option to remove displayment of like/dislike icons from the album art but it is not possible to remove song tags like song name and album and artist name displaying on the album art while playing the song at player UI)

    I think it would be better to show the tags of the now playing song like before with a very smaller font and displaying it somewhere out of albumart mybe below the albumart without overlaying it

    But now all these features are removed from Poweramp in the latest update

    And also at previous versions of Poweramp i could adjust the albumart zoom and i myself always used to set it on 1.02x zoom but now i see that this feature is removed from poweram in the latest update

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