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  1. Does anyone uses cue sheets for their music?

    Since the redesign (I'm on the latest 797 now) selecting a track from the library is totally broken. I'm browsing by folders, and as you know, Poweramp makes a virtual folder for each pair of cue/music file it finds in the library. If I enter a cue folder and select a track it always goes to the first track of the first CD of the album. With physical files as this:

    Some Album
             |-CD 1.cue
             |-CD 1.flac
             |-CD 2.cue
             |-CD 2.flac
             |-CD 3.cue
             |-CD 3.flac

    Poweramp makes this in the library:

    Some Album
             |-CD 1
             |  |-Track 1
             |  |-Track 2
             |  |-Track [n]
             |-CD 2
             |  |-Track 1
             |  |-Track 2
             |  |-Track [n]
             |-CD 3
                |-Track 1
                |-Track 2
                |-Track [n]

    No matter what track I select from CD 1, 2 or 3, Poweramp ALWAYS goes to track 1 of CD 1. If I select track 5 of CD 3, player starts with track 1 of CD 1. The only thing that works is selecting a track or tracks and sending them to queue. In that you do get the correct track.


    Another thing. The fancy bars that get filled as the track progress are difficult to see if you have the buttons. With songs that have loud and quiet parts you get a few long bars and lots of tiny ones that get hidden by the buttons (and even without the buttons are a bit hard to see maybe. With all that space there I suggest making a progress "bar", in the form of darkening the background as the track progresses. The 2nd screen is a mock up.




    And another little thing. In the library the top box with the album art is too big... I'd scrap the album art altogether and make it smaller. But if you like it that way maybe making the area you tap to go up a level bigger. Like this:

    Keep the button that size (don't alter the visuals) but if you tap the album art (red area) it would be like tapping the smaller button.


    Btw, there's no option to disable gestures in the options. Like swiping left/right to move in the library or to switch tracks in the player. I never liked gestures <_<

  2. Every time I enter my password to log in I get a "password incorrect" error. I can reset it and after that it stays logged in, but if I log out I can't get in again. Basically every time I want to log in I have to reset the password. Ideas?


    I'm copy-pasting my password from a txt, so there's 0 (zero) chance of it being wrong.

  3. 50 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Please could you contact Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your purchase details and the new and old email addresses. If you could use the old address to send the email that would be simpler.


    Great, I just sent a message with the details from the old address. Thanks!

  4. Hi,

    I bought Poweramp some time ago, directly through the site. I changed the email I use on the phone account and now the license doesn't verify (I still have the previous one, but I don't use it on phones anymore). Of course, if I add the old address once to activate then it will fail the next time it tries to check. Can you transfer the license to another email account? I can provide the purchase invoice and everything.



  5. I have exactly the same problem with a similar device. LG P500, Froyo 2.2.1, rooted. I haven't used Poweramp in years since I mainly use a dedicated device, but now I feel like giving it a try. I have the unlocker (1.1, build 21) which works fine, along with an old Poweramp version (1.4, build 387).


    The problem is when downloading the current version. I downloaded twice and the hashes match so I don't think it's corrupted. Even the icon doesn't show up in the file explorer (I use ES File Explorer and it shows the program icon for each APK). Any ideas? Did support for old Androids stopped somewhere between build 387 and 564?


    This is the MD5 I get for Poweramp-2.0.9-build-564-uni.apk




    At least the last changelog shows you do care for ancient versions, that's nice to see :3


    – fixed widget configuration on Android 2.x

  6. This is much needed. I have lots of albums that have 1 artist per track (or 2 or 3 songs per artist on a 20-track album) and I have these type of albums organized with "album artists" tag so they are grouped together. Having to browse through the tag "artists" as it is now is a big pain.

    "Album artist" should work just like "artist" does now, list album artists and their albums.

    I just came to Poweramp after ~1 year of using my Rockbox'd Sansa (mp3 player) for music... that I got it bricked today (so it's more like a forced comeback). Glad to see it's much more nicer and usable than before (I've purschased Full ver. back then). Another thing missing is the crossfade "fade in" duration. Currently, crossfade fades out the current track and fades in the next track. It would be nice to have a length setting for both the fade out of the current track and the fade in of the following track (I usually like it with fade out but the next track to start at full volume, no fade in, so I'd set it at 0 ms).

    Rockbox has a more "complicated" crossfade with delays too, which I find the "ideal" implementation (this is how it works). That allows for any crossfading preference :3

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