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    On 12/25/2018 at 3:37 PM, robe said:

    Hi I'm using Poweramp v3 build 814. 

    Installed Poweramp auto Bridge app.

    Enabled developer support in Android Auto and unkown sources.  

    Rooted device unlocked Android auto apps.

    Now whenever Android auto starts Poweramp auto stopping and even clicked music it's keep loading.

    Enclosed error screenshot's.


    Try to use build 70x (Okay, I should put this in the initial post by now... :D) 

    14 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Use your username not your email address to login. If that does not work, PM me and I'll reset your account password for you.


    Wow, this just worked. Big thx :)

  2. On 10/26/2018 at 12:50 AM, Pointro said:

    I can't get this to work. I'm on v802. I've also had the issue with it playing music randomly. 

    Try using Poweramp 79x

    On 11/12/2018 at 11:58 PM, pump_up_pete said:

    I have tested this bridging app and while it works there are a couple of quirks I have discovered.
    The first issue is that once you install this app it prevents you from selecting alternative music apps that is available on Android Auto. For example if you select Deezer it will present the Poweramp Auto app instead.
    The second issue is that the Poweramp Auto app disconnects the bluetooth audio after a few seconds of stopping play. Before this I use to be able to play a music app then hit stop and the audio would still continue to function if I manually ran an app on my phone that outputs audio such as a stream.
    Only when I uninstall Poweramp Auto do both of these issues disappear. 

    When you are in the music section of AA, tap on the music icon again and you can re-select your music app. This is general AA behavior. 

    I stop the music when AA quits, but I don't disconnect BT or anything like that. As far as I know, I don't even use BT permissions. I can't tell why you have these problems, sorry. 

    2 hours ago, Lucas27 said:

    Please help. I can't even find the developer setting in android auto and there's no such option to enable album cover art in Poweramp. This is very confusing. 

    Also, when I installed the apk you included, it did nothing. It did install successfully, but nothing happened.

    When the dev options and unknown sources are not enabled, nothing will change. Use Google. 

    2 hours ago, Lucas27 said:

    Just saw your comment. Apparently this topic was abandoned. Disappointed.

    To log in to this forum, I ALWAYS have to trigger the "forgot password" function, so I don't always have the time to answer everything right away. 

    Merry Christmas 

  3. On 9/26/2018 at 9:42 AM, fishyweb said:

    Regarding the volume, this has been bugging the hell out of me! I have a Tasker profile that sets media volume to max when in the car, and I couldn't figure why it had stopped working! Now I know... 

    Any chance you could make the volume reduction optional? Not a massive deal, but would be appreciated by me at least. 

    Again, this would force the app to appear in the app drawer. You might set a tasker profile to the launch of PowerampAuto itself and change the volume back to 100%. Just the first quick fix that came into my mind :D .

    The only reason, I decided not to use max volume is that Google Maps / TTS voice was distorted when I used maximum media volume. I thought this might have an impact on other devices / cars as well.


    On 9/26/2018 at 4:02 PM, v64 said:


    How do I uninstall this?  It plays music randomly.  Woke me up at 3 am and just blared music at my desk at work.  lol

    Or better yet how can I stop the random startup?

    My app only operates within Android Auto and thus can not randomly start itself.

    Maybe your Android Auto starts in the middle of the night? Does someone use your car and your phone detects the BT radio and starts Android Auto?
    If someone uses your car without your knowledge, you got some other problems than starting music at work :P .

  4. 11 minutes ago, fatal said:

    I've just downgraded to 790 but will test it tomorrow. :)


    Does the plugin resets the media volume on purpose (or use it's own media volume)? It's not bothering me at all, just found out that even if I pull down media volume on the phone, the next time I start auto the music is loud. I was just surprised because I was testing at home and it's late here :D

    Haha, nevermind :D . We'll find someone with 797 soon enough, I guess ;) .

    Yes, this is done on purpose - so you don't have to bother with the "internal" phone volume when e.g. your music was quiet before, you turn up the master volume and suddenly your navigation shouts in your face :D .
    It's set to 75% (to prevent distortion by overdrive) and the original volume should be restored when you quit AndroidAuto.

  5. Yup, try downgrading to 709 - Since the new version erased a 1000+ entry playlist of mine I am very cautious with the new releases and can not test the "new API" properly.
    I will TitaniumBackup the hell out of Poweramp and come back to this, supporting 797+. Disappearing buttons also seem an issue of intents not being properly received by the API...


    Thx for the logcat - My avatar likes it ;)

  6. On 9/21/2018 at 7:53 PM, fatal said:

    @Phrosh Great stuff, I have one issue, when I start the module in AA the phone switch the activity to Poweramp and then I have manually switch back to AA. Can you fix this?

    Thanks :)

    Actually, I did this on purpose to ensure Poweramp is running when using AA. Most of the users will use AA within their car entertainment system so the opening Poweramp app won't bother them. Maybe I could include a settings screen where you can configure the behavior of Poweramp Auto, but then it will definitely be shown in the app drawer... 

  7. I don't use the widget but I certainly experienced everything else you mentioned.

    2) can confirm.
    3) it just wiped a >1000 song .m3u playlist by just selecting it to be played. This happened not only once.
    4) also confirmed, very annoying
    6) yes, it should
    7) I also share your opinion

    Everything, using a Sony Xperia XZ Compact on Oreo (Lineage)

  8. On 8/10/2018 at 10:21 PM, freewee said:

    Hi  I wanted to say the "7" version of Poweramp..I was using the "2" version, and was thinking the next was "3"?

    Since the last Android Auto update, nothing is working for me , the first track of my random list opens, but impossible to change the track...When choosing google play musique in Android Auto, I have no problem for changing the tracks...

    Am I alone for this problem???

    I have more than 1000 album, and put a playlist of the album on each album folder; could it be a reason for this behavior???

    Thank you

    It's still called v3 here everywhere ;).

    No, you are not alone with this - I have the same issue and probably anyone else using the Poweramp API. It is caused by the new Poweramp update, not the Android Auto update. Unfortunately I can't do anything about this, because of the changes made to the app. I made a post about this issue in this thread, where everyone else also complains about the buggyness of the new release ^^.

    This issue - and the fact that playlist shuffle does not seem to work anymore (which is even more annoying, when you sit in your car and can not skip tracks anymore :D ) are the cause I just downgraded my Poweramp to the old 709 version. You should do the same - the new, buggy version just erased a >1000 song playlist by just selecting it to be played. Fortunately I had a recent backup of it. 

    I downgraded with an old TitaniumBackup backup. There probably is another way to do this - but beware: uninstalling the app will erase your app data and also your playlists, if not exported as .m3u.


    Long story short: I can't do anything about this right now - this is an issue with the new buggy version. You have to downgrade to an earlier version of Poweramp until this bug is fixed by maxmp ?

  9. 14 hours ago, jaxtherogue said:

    This is great. Sent a bit of cash for this.  Any possible way of providing access to albums/artist library in Poweramp?

    Hey, thank you mate :)

    Yes, this would be possible. But Android Auto does not provide a search bar or similar feature in a "media" Auto app and you would have to manually scroll through all your artists / albums.

    I thought scrolling through artists and albums while driving could be way too dangerous, so I decided to only include playlists into the menu. And if you just want to search for some stuff to listen to while not moving, you are always faster to grab your phone and search in Poweramp itself.


    @freewee: Oh, I did not know that this is a new feature. Edited my post - thanks for the info :)

  10. This is a bridge to enable support for Poweramp in Android Auto.

    To make Poweramp visible in Android Auto you need to enter the developer settings in Android Auto and enable "unknown sources":

    Please enable "Alyways Process Album Art" in the Poweramp Settings > Album Cover (feature of Poweramp v3) to ensure the correct album art is shown when the device is in sleep mode.

    Use Poweramp Build 709 for best support. Anything above might fail.

    Key features:
    - Playback control (no sh*t, Sherlock)
    - Display album art
    - Repeat and shuffle mode
    - Access playlists from the menu
    - Notifications on title change

    If you like to give me a cookie or two, here is a link :)


    Download 1.0.2 ]


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