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  1. I read in another thread that plans for version 3.0 of Poweramp include supporting DLNA. So, in the future you would be able to do this via DLNA.

    Poweramp is powerfull toy and I have that I could bought it, very cheap but the player what I know, so I will be waitin for new release :-) Thanks for that information

    You can do it know if your device has CIFS (SAMBA) support. Get a CIFS program and mount the directory, then point Poweramp at it. I do this with my tablet at home.

    Thanks that Is what I need !

  2. Hi, I'm new and czech so don't take care about my english :-D I need to know how play FLAC files over the network.

    For example I find flac files on my samba server with ES file explorer, but there is no way to play it by Poweramp, but I play it without problems if I copy that files to SD card.

    Can anybody give me a trick how to play FLAC files over samba network?

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