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  1. Same issue here. The player is returning issue number 16 which means lucky patcher. But it's showing the same thing again and again even before lucky patcher getting installed. I got used to it and so I am installing lucky pather every time after Poweramp getting licence checked when my Rom is changed. But this time it's returning this even before lucky patcher installation.
  2. Started working at first. But not after a reboot. Build 790
  3. 1. Disconnect Bluetooth 2. Connect wired headset 3. Play/pause and skip track by using wired headset button 4. Disconnect headset and connect Bluetooth headset 5. Try Bluetooth headset buttons. 6. Enjoy
  4. Here are my logs with music playing in both Poweramp and play music. Everything is working fine when playing via play music but not in Poweramp Edit: using beta preview 790 bluetooth_manager_dump_poweramp.txt MEDIA SESSION SERVICE_poweramp.txt MEDIA SESSION SERVICE_playmusic.txt bluetooth_manager_dump_playmusic.txt
  5. No improvement. Moreover it's not working even when the app is in foreground
  6. +1 Hope this gets fulfilled. Missing Poweramp badly when using streaming services
  7. Player is not accepting input from my Bluetooth headset (Boat Rockers 600). But when I connect a wired headset and disconnected, Bluetooth controls started working fine. And if I restart my phone or the app gets restarted (like after force close but not after closing and opening app) I have to connect and disconnect the wired headset again. And the track control by volume buttons(when screen is off) is also working after connecting wired headset until app gets restarted as stated above. BTW UI is awesome I am using OnePlus 2 with RR 6.0 (oreo 8.1.0)
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