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  1. 2 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    The Back button will exit the app from whatever screen you use as the entry screen (so if you have set PA to start in the Player UI, pressing Back from there will exit. If you have configured PA to start at the Library view, then pressing Back from the library screen will exit). That's fairly normal app behaviour.


    Thanks Andre. 


    I see this option which solves the problem, but then seems to cause another, in that Poweramp will then start up at the library screen requiring me to navigate back to my music folder whereas with that setting disabled, Poweramp starts at Now Playing. 


    So I think my 2 goals here would be:

    - to be able to choose where Poweramp starts up on, ideally a custom folder (my main Music folder) as currently it can only startup on Now Playing or library

    - back button to work as a back button whilst navigating through folders, and then perhaps once you reach the top level of the hierarchy only then does it act as an exit button

  2. Hi, 

    As the title suggests, can it be possible for the back button to just return to the previous screen/folder? The scenario:


    Using the hierarchy for folder structure, I'd navigate through the folders, clicking into folders and using back button to return out of them. After clicking a song, I have it set to not show the Now Playing screen, though when at this screen pressing the back button exits the app and returns me to my home screen/launcher. 


    Therefore can it be an option for the back button, when used on the Now Playing screen, to function as a back button and not an "exit application" button? Currently, to return from the Now Playing screen to the folder list, I must swipe down. Would be great if the back button worked instead! 


    Many thanks 

  3. Hey guys, 


    Forgive me if this is already possible but I've gone through the settings and can't seem to find anything that can achieve this. 


    Is it possible to load a specific folder on startup? For example, I use the Foder Hierarchy view however in order to get to my list of songs, I have to: open Poweramp, via library click folder hierarchy, then click my music folder, to get to my list of songs. I would love to be able to simply open Poweramp and be in that folder straight away! I could swear this was possible in the older Poweramp verison. 



    Any help appreciated! 

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