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  1. On 3/23/2019 at 3:52 AM, Trollburner045 said:

    This new version still has the bottom miniplayer bug. Here's some more information regarding said miniplayer bug that shows the wrong song (it displays a song with a title tag (not the filename) that begins with a special characters [", #, etc.] ) instead of what is actually being played. The gestures and buttons on the miniplayer work as they should. If I swipe right on the miniplayer, it does play the next appropriate song. However, the song displayed on the miniplayer changes to another song with a special character at the beginning of the song title tag instead of what is actually being played. I have attached three screenshots. Each screenshot was taken while playing a different song. Notice the miniplayer displays a different song in each screenshot, however they are not what's actually playing. They are all songs with special characters at the beginning of each song title tag. I believe this has been happening in every version of V3 so far. Others have experienced it too. I think there is a thread on the bug section. If this can't be fixed, can you just add a way to disable/hide the miniplayer? Thanks! 




    I am also having the same issue


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