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  1. 4 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    What's the difference? Adding a song (or album, etc) to the queue does make it play next, as long as you have Settings > Folders and Library > Queue > Start Playing Queue (After current song) enabled anyway.


    Well the "Play as next title" feature from the Play Music App changes the position of the song you want to be played instead of switching to another playlist. The difference is that with the Poweramp "Queue" feature the song will appear 2 times. 1 time just from listening to all the songs and 1 from the queue feature. Kinda hard to explain it good.. I really wish that this feature could be added.

  2. I can best explain this by an example. You hear all your music in shuffle Mode but as the next song you want to hear your favorite one so you choose it to "play next" and then it will play after the current song ends (for example you are at song 35/500 and then you do this and your favorite song will play at 36/500). I really liked this feature in the google Play music app but since i only use Poweramp i would be glad if this would be added. With this you can also play the song you want as the next one without restarting the whole shuffle playlist ^^

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