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  1. On 3/27/2019 at 6:13 PM, blaubär said:

    Changes to the visualization have already been discussed in these forums, see for example

    Search in the forums, perhaps you'll find someone whose existing request you can support.

    Thanks for pointing out. But I think still it's a good idea to open a dedicated thread for a specific topic. I have already done a search through the forum about this feature. However, couldn't find any. 

    BTW, what do you think about this idea?

  2. On Fri Jan 04 2019 at 10:46 PM, maxmp said:

    Ratings are stored locally in Poweramp database - it’s fast and works for any file. 

    There are file formats which don’t support rating, writing files on the fly is time/memory/cpu intensive (and may break some files if tag is already semi broken or non standard), there can be very large files and slow storages, huge embedded album art, and all kind of crazy tags in the wild.

    All that makes “online” tag writing not managable, but there are plans to sync ratings to/from database via separate action in settings.

    I really need this feature as well. It helps a lot on organizing music tracks, especially when there's a large amount of tracks. Since phones nowadays are fast enough to handle those kinds of tasks (even in real time), please at least add a switch to control whether to write ratings to files or not. 

    BTW, solution to damaged tags: Just rebuild the tag from broken info. Of course, prompt to user before executing. 

    For unsupported file types, it's possible to leave them aside with prompt to user. The prompt may include info that warns user about unsupported file and possible loss on tag information if the file location has been moved. 

    p.s. Although this feature haven't been added to PA yet, New Playlist Manager helped a lot on organizing my music files (thanks to @andrewilley for sharing). 

  3. Version: v3-build-802-play

    Note: I've already turned on "Auto-Advance From Queue". 

    Problem: After one queue has finished on playing it's last track, Poweramp starts the queue again, and does not return to the playlist where I started from. 

    Hypothesis: This issue is likely to be caused as Poweramp treats queues as playlists and uses the same Repeat & Shuffling settings from the previous playlist.

    Possible Solution: If possible, please let Poweramp remember those Repeat & Shuffling settings independently for queues. 



  4. Hopefully, this will be added in future updates since it's very important for people like me to know their volume level at anytime while adjusting. It can also help on protecting people's hearing. 

    Knowing your volume level also helps you to maintain your sound level at a safe zone. By remembering your favorite volume level, you can understand how much volume to increase in a noisy environment. 

  5. Version: rc-build-799-play

    Here's the screenshot for the bug. The bug occurs when the meta menu is scrolled to the bottom and user continues scrolling. The indicator shouldn't be visible outside the menu box's boundary. 



  6. Don't you really just connect your Chromecast device in native Android settings? I believe for most Android devices there should be an option called "Cast" or "Wireless display" like mine showing below in the img. 

    Edit: Of course, you can have the option in pa directly. It does look much feature complete for an audio player. Also, it will be better to have the button showing automatically while Chromecast device(s) is found. (Will be looking sick like iOS!!) @maxmp What's your opinion? (too much to work idk hahaha...)(as a hobby programmer, I do know that it does require a lot of work to be done for this. So, appreciate in advance for even replying. )


  7. I have confirmed that playlist track deletion causes the sorting widget to appear. However, I haven't confirmed what causes the multi-selection problem. 

    Update: Well, sometimes it does not appear by only going back to playlists. You will probably need to swipe to right and enter playlists again to reproduce the issue. I'll post a screen recording later. 

    Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NcVcwO_VA6vmCqbYMQZteijMoFm60hTb/view?usp=sharing, for screen recording of the sorting widget issue. 

    Update: BTW, I found that connecting/disconnecting USB DAC will cause every app to refresh, including pa, is that a common thing on Android Oreo?

  8. 39 minutes ago, maxmp said:

    Thanks for the reveal / report. Dragging mode somehow persisted everywhere for you, can you reproduce that consistently?

    Not really. Although I've met 2+ times, it is still occasional and only appears when I played music for somehow a long time (like 20min+). I'll still be following the bug and I think it probably is to do with USB DAC plug in/out events. 


    BTW, the multi-selection does also have some problems. In my playlist, I can still see the previous selection when I enter multi-select again. 

    Update: After I tried to rename a playlist, I entered playlist multi-select again and another playlist has been selected randomly. 

  9. On Thu Aug 23 2018 at 4:43 AM, maxmp said:

    I tested current dev build and changing shuffle mode definitely reshuffles (and the next track meta info also changes), though, I'm not sure if this works for 793 build.

    Sorry, max, for build-793 it does not work. As my previous post said, even with your method 793 still doesn't want to re-shuffle. (for playlist only, others not tested)

  10. The shuffle button only shuffle songs once. After that whatever how I press the shuffle button, it plays with the same order. 

    (The shuffle button I'm using is in and at the top of the playlist screen. )

    The shuffle button only shuffle songs once. After that whatever how I press the shuffle button, it plays with the same order. 

    (The shuffle button I'm using is in and at the top of the playlist screen. )

    BTW, I'm currently using "Re-sort, Shuffle" as an alternate method. First, turn off the problematic shuffle function. Then, use the built-in random re-sort function to re-sort the playlist. Now, you can play your pre-shuffled playlist sequencially. 

    (I think this only works if you have a playlist. It does not work in "Folder" screen. )

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