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  1. Hey guys,


    First of all, LOVE the new update. It looks flash and modern and feels really smooth and easy to use. While I wish this post was all about praise, I do have 2 major issues (although the first could be an issue with my phone rather than the app itself).


    1. The app in the Visualiser that my music is mainly only coming from the left side? I don't know if this is normal, but I thought it was meant to be a bit more centred and distributed equally between both sides unless there's a section in a song which specifically uses one side more than the other. I'd post a screenshot but it seems that F_____ has already done so. Mine is basically the same, and I've noticed that taking one ear of my earphones out, there's definitely a noticeable difference in volume. Is this an issue caused by Poweramp, perhaps to the phone entirely or maybe just inside the app, or is it an issue with the phone? I didn't notice this prior to the update but I wasn't really looking for it. Note: My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
    2. Probably the more important issue; playing music through Poweramp now causes all other media to not play or have other strange issues. For instance, after stopping my first look test of Poweramp, I went to open a podcast app (Hamish & Andy app to be exact), and upon pressing Play, it shows that it was playing, however the timer doesn't move at all and no audio is played. I then restarted my phone which fixed the issue (I attempted removing the earphones, closing the app process entirely, and reopening Poweramp while the app was open or closing the app and only having one or the other open). Poweramp continued to play music fine, however all other media sources did not. After the restart, I tried opening my radio app which worked perfectly as usual. I then opened Poweramp which also worked, and after pausing or stopping music, I tried opening the same radio app and it caused the audio to play, but with screeching and deafening piercing pulsating sounds. After a restart of the phone once again, it was fixed.

    Tl;dr: The app is causing other apps and audio through the phone to either play up, refuse to play, or spaz out. Any chance this could be fixed soon? I would hate to have to go back to the normal Live version but I'm going on holiday soon and I'll be damned if I don't have some music to listen to heh.

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