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  1. Seriously what the hell is going on?

    Remember that May estimate. Well May 2018 is coming up and I don't think we're any closer to getting the beta release. Apps shouldn't take this long to go to alpha to full-release let alone from alpha to beta.

    This is bloody ridiculous, at this point the forum might as well be closed down, with such little information coming in and the only information going out being (at this point rightfully) pissed off fans wondering what's going on because Max for whatever reason refuses to make any posts on here nor information the Head Moderator and instead relying on a separate Russian forum to provide info.

    If there was a rulebook on things not to do as a popular developer I think Max may have found a way to break every single one so far.

  2. I thought the UI was finalised months ago and Max was just working on fixing some issues with Samsung devices? The **** is going on, I want to use 704 but it's got too many bugs for me to use it as a daily driver and stable is just outdated and in many cases for me personally slow. It took less time to get Xposed working on Nougat which seems like an infinitely more difficult task. I'm really thinking that this app is abandonware now, with development going nowhere and seemingly quite silent it might as well be.

  3. 1 minute ago, andrewilley said:

    How are you scrobbling? Internal support in the alpha builds has been acknowledged as not working properly as far as I know. I turned internal support off and used the Last.FM app which seemed to do the job.


    I've been using simple last.fm scrobbler so I guess that's why it isn't working.

  4. This has to be one of the worst handled updates from an app developer. Disappearing for months on end and making impossible to meet ETAs. Max can't even keep his own forum admins informed on what's going on, I feel sorry for andrewilley having to try and keep a bunch of angry customers in line whilst not having much more information on the situation than them...

  5. I am using KitKat and am unable to change tracks via volume keys, I have tried using another app which mimics the service, however the app would not let me set my volume to zero and was quite buggy. I have tried turning on each of the tweaks but none have made any difference. This feature did work on Jelly bean, but broke for some reason when I updated to Kitkat, the same happened with DVC. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


  6. Whenever Poweramp is playing music I notice that any interactions that involve sound cause clipping. This has only been a problem updating my phone(XT890) to KitKat. I have tested play music and the big is not present there. Also as a small note I've tried changing the priority, equalistaion and tone. None of these made a difference. Any tips on how to fix this would be much appreciated.

  7. A small problem I found was that I listen to a lot of compilation albums I.E. Monstercat and as a result my artist list has a lot of artists which only have one song, due to this making it hard to navigate my library I would like to request that a album artist list would be beneficial.

  8. Sorry to say, but it does now!

    Ive been using Poweramp for over 5 years and until recently you have been correct, but now it and other apps (BBC news, Facebook, Ebay) display ads as described above,

    There is a problem with Android, please read my previous decription, they are not the usual flashing cheapo ads you get with free apps, they consist of good quality full screen still pictures.

    These definitely sound suspicious, but it isn't coming from any of the apps listed, you've got some kind of malware.

  9. This might be incredibly stupid and I wouldn't be surprised if it was, but is there any kind of indication of when Poweramp 3 will come out, I keep seeing things about updates such as ratings from tags and better audio features(?) coming in an update. Is this me being incredibly dumb or has this been announced?


    Forgive my pure stupidity.

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