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  1. Hello,

    I have a problem in latest beta build. I am listening some music and disconnect headphones. After a while, when I plug in the headphones, the sound is too low. I am checked what causing this situation and I think DVC is disabled and cannot be activated switching on settings. Changing output from Hi-res to OPen SL ES fix low sound but I want to listen on Hi-Res mod. Only device restart fix this issue.

    My system : Lenovo P2 ; Lineage OS 15.1 build date 30.10.2018

  2. Hello,
    I want to ask two problems; 
    I'm going to library and select 'Recently Added' list. And click first song in the list. Shuffle setting is closed. I'm listen the song and make an evaluation, delete or skip next track. In this situation after 4 or 5 tracks Poweramp start to playing top of the list. Cannot continue last listening track. This is a boring thing.
    My Device is Samsung Note 2 (N7100) and I want to use popular kernel Agni for battery and performance gains. In stock 4.4, many custom 4.4 and last CM12 beta ROM, kernel cause strange sound problem with and without direct sound mode in headphone attached Poweramp. I'm started to listening music and nearly after 15-20 minutes, music stopped and strange noise started with maximum volume can damage the ear. After removing earphones for 10 second and plugged in, music resume from last time. 
    Thank you.


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