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  1. 2 plus years later, we still don't have ability to sync tags with iTunes natively....? I am switching to PlayerProd, which does it via iSyncr, but it would be nice to have the syncing available natively. Ratings and counts are a BIG part of listening to music, much like organizing music is important. Can't believe this isn't still possible. I can see a mass exodus to other players, whichever does offer the feature first. After all $4 or $5 don't matter much...

  2. Hi,

    Can you add the ability to control brightness on the screen - would like to dim it as much as possible - when the option to keep display on is selected. This is useful when singing karaoke; if the screen goes off, then it is a bit of a hassle to stop the next song.

    Also, can you provide the ability to play a song and not automatically go to the next song? Again, while karaoke singing, this is a good thing as we don't want to jump to the next song in the list.


    Ash Aragam

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