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  1. Hello, To answer to your question, in my case, yes, but the Poweramp's lockscreen disappear to leave the android's lockscreen by default. In my case, i reproduce this with Nexus 4 with Android 4.4
  2. Hello, There is more information for this bug ? It's confirmed and would be resolved on the next version ? Thanks.
  3. Have you got more information for this bug ? It's confirmed and in correction ?
  4. Yes it seems to be a conflict, but for my case, the Direct Lockscreen option doesn't resolve the problem. I will try to reboot my phone, and i will keep you inform. EDIT : same problem after reboot. We will disable the ICS lockscreen to solve the conflict ? Why we have the possibilitie to enable the 2 lockscreens in same time ?
  5. Hello everybody, I have exactly the same problem quoted by "1mannlan" on Nexus 4 (on Android 4.2 and 4.3). The problem was existing before the 534 release. With the 534 release, the default widget (of android player) appears, and after "refresh", the Poweramp widget appears.
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