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  1. I agree with pretty much everyone else - the album art should be decluttered, and the current implementation of the text boxes looks a bit crude, almost like it's just a temporary placeholder ahead of the final presentation. It was good on the previous UI.

    Certainly on a Galaxy S8 there is plenty of empty real estate to put the text.

    But other than this, I think this new interface is very slick.


  2. ok... so, I've tried again, having reset the DSP. No real change in quality - a recently recorded high bit-rate mp3 still sounds like a 1980s cassette recording. Note that this is with beats audio switched off, and no third party equaliser apps installed.


    DVC was set on, I hadn't set it so I presume it is on as default when you install.  Just to see what effect this had, I turned it off. It immediately made it quieter, but it cleaned up the sound immensely. Turn the volume up and re-balance the DSP and it now sounds clean again. Having the "limit" option set also helps. Not sure why DVC should be affecting the sound quality so much, it sounds like it is over-amplifying the sound with associated noise and distortion.


    I remember on my SGS2, I had the volume to about 1/2 to give nice, loud but not too loud sound through the headphones. On the One, with DVC enabled, the volume is around 10%. With it off, the volume needs to be around 1/2 again. Don't know if that's significant or not, but it seemed interesting.

  3. hi all,


    just installed Poweramp on my new HTC One. I've been using if for ages on my SGS2 and it is a great player, the sound quality on the SGS2 was fabulous. However, on the HTC One, it is terrible. Distorted, buzzy with lots of hiss.  I've tried beats audio switched on and off, I've tried different headphones and I've tried adjusting the graphic equalisers, nothing makes it sound any good.


    The stock music player, however, sounds great, so I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the sound chip. The interface is no where near as good with the stock player, though, so I'd like to continue with Poweramp, but until the problems are sorted I'll pass I'm afraid.


    Anyone else had this experience? Is it something that is being looked into?





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