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  1. Signed back in here after years. I appreaciate all the work that has gone into Poweramp over the years, but the new UI is basically a deal breaker for me. I've been trying to use it for about a month now and it's really just so bad. Constantly changing tracks and seeking when I don't want to. Pro buttons are a must but the seek bar in both forms (static and moving) are unusable. I can't even get the seek close to the edge of my phone due to the case and minimal bezel, never a problem before. The seek bar and track list belong at the bottom. settings and toggles at the top. Before all the controls were in for actual music picking and playing were right at the tip of your thumb, now all over the place. The old library by pressing the song title at teh bottom was the best feature of Poweramp. A quick back button and you're back at the player. Now its like 5 backs seriously?? The beta version of the old interface with the Viz was so good. We really need options to set these controls back to something more usable. It's much more confusing before and this will turn away new users. I've touted Poweramp as the best app on android for years but if nothing is done to revert the controls I'll be looking elsewhere.

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