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  1. Wow, Thank you for this Christmas present. It works! Acutally I haven't expected to be able to solve the problem with your solution, as all files have been inside the PA library (but not in the playlists), so PA "should" be allowed to scan the folders. Nevertheless: Adding the folders /music and /playlists solved my problem. Merry Christmas Dominik
  2. Dear Poweramp-Team, after hours spent with not finding a solution for proper playlist handling I decided to write this post. Problem: M3U-Playlists which are stored on the device automatically by MediaMonkey are empty when imported with Poweramp. Google Play Music recognizes those playlists without any problems, so how do these .m3u-Playlists have to look like in order for Poweramp to accempt them as well? I searched online and found this: http://forum.poweram...s-became-empty/ http://forum.poweram...d-since-update/ http://forum.poweram...dio-issues-ics/ http://forum.poweram...__fromsearch__1
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