Installing and Getting Started with Poweramp

Poweramp, as its name suggests, is what is often referred to as a "power user" product. As such, it has more settings and configurations than you can shake a stick at, and as a consequence there can be quite a steep learning curve when compared to the simpler free music players that come with most phones.

Given the nature of ever-evolving mobile apps, there is no official 'Manual' for the product. Like all Android apps, it is designed to have a common interface that is relatively intuitive in its basic operation. This article, and the others in this User Guides section of our forum, is an attempt to help new users make a start on understanding the additional complexities of having so many options. And if you're still unsure about something, just ask in the forums.

Installing and Purchasing Poweramp

First you need to download and install the Trial version of the app, which supports Android 5 and above. This can be done from the Google Play Store, the Huawei App Galley, or as an APK file downloaded directly from the Official Website where the very latest builds can generally be found. The Trial version is fully featured, but it is time limited. After the trial period has elapsed you will have to make a one-time purchase if you wish to continue using Poweramp.

How you purchase, and permanently unlock, the app will depend on your chosen platform. Note: Licences are not transferrable between different purchase methods.

Purchasing a Licence for a Google Play Store download: You can purchase the Full Version Unlocker directly from the Play Store: This will allow you to use Poweramp forever on any Android devices that you own, on the condition that they all support the Play Store and you must be using the same Google Account.

Purchasing a Licence for a Huawei App Gallery download: You can make your purchase directly within the trial version of the app itself. Go to Settings=>About and follow the prompts.

Purchasing a Licence for a Website (APK file) download: You can purchase a single-device licence directly from . This is tied to your email address - so no Google services etc are required - but it can only be used on one device at a time. Installing on new devices later is fine, but doing so will revoke the licence for the old device.

Validating the purchase requires an internet connection, but once the Settings=>About page shows that the licence is stored, you no longer need to remain online if you don't want to.



Getting Started: Granting Storage Access Permission

Before you can start listening to music, you need to grant permission for Poweramp to access your device's local storage to find your music files. It is generally better to keep all of your audio files and playlists tidily in one place, away from Android's own system folders; indeed, recent versions of Android actively block you from using some system folders and/or root locations. Note: Poweramp is a local file based music player, it cannot stream from your Spotify account or cloud-based storage locations.

Ideally, create one master folder somewhere on your device's storage (or SD Card if you have one) and put all your music files and subfolders in there. Then use Settings=>Library=>Music Folders to grant permission for Poweramp to use that one master location, which will automatically include access to any subfolders. That will save wasted time scanning other unrelated areas of your phone. Then sit back and wait while Poweramp initially crawls through and scans your entire music collection, building its music library database.

For detailed instructions on how to do this, see:

You are now set up and ready to start using Poweramp to listen to your music. By default when you next start the app you should see the main Player Screen, but you can also visit the Library Home Page to browse your music collection. Please continue on to the relevant Guides for more information.