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Lockscreen player integration in GOTO or others

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Hey There Poweramp man!!!

1st of all........seriously sweet app.....love it...nothing comes close :D:D

But I gotta ask 1 small (or maybe big thing) I really like the GOTO lockscreen app, makes life easy when screen is locked....and I really love Poweramp, unfortunately you can't use both together.....I asked the GOTO if they can integrate your app into theirs and they said they need an API....

Here is a link to exactly what they said to someone else http://getsatisfaction.com/innowebtech/ ... ock_screen (except he was using winamp, sigh, unlucky for him ;) )

anyways, any chance you can team up with the GOTO team and make an awesome hybrid lockscreen/music player controller thing..... that would rock my world!!! and hopefully plenty of other peoples!!!

Thanks Poweramp MAN and keep up the great work!!!

P.S. here is the link to the my GOTO forum post requesting the integration, just thought I'd post here so you can see what they say.... http://getsatisfaction.com/innowebtech/ ... lockscreen

Thanks Again!!

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PowerAMP will have quite powerful :) api very soon, pre-release is planned this weekend (I'm preparing few sample apps utilizing PowerAMP api). With it it will be no brainer to add support for complete PowerAMP control into other apps, widgets, lockscreens, etc.

There will be complete specs, docs, examples section on this forum.


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